I recently had the honor of hosting an interactive live Zoom chat with my dear friend and colleague Dr. RBF titled, “The Psychology of Uncertainty: Tools, Tips, and Tolerance to Help you Through Uncertain Times.”



When we were doctoral students in Washington DC, 9/11 occurred. We spent that entire day on my couch watching the world unravel. At the time, we both had a deep desire to be of service in some way, but lacked the experience and the degrees to do so.

Fast forward almost twenty years, under different, but similarly incomprehensible life events, and now we have both the experience and the same desire to be of service.

It was an honor to chat with the all of the people, familiar and new, who showed up to connect during this time of isolation and uncertainty.

We will be holding more of these hours long “house calls” throughout the duration of this temporary new normal. Please stay tuned – I’ll announce them as they come on Facebook and Instagram.



Let’s not let isolation keep us from connecting.

Here is the full recording of our first call:



Please subscribe, listen, and pass it on. We talk about winning your morning, the neurobiology of fear, mindfulness, meditation, and much more.

Remember – we are in this together.

Be well,
Dr. Sarah

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