A New Resource to Jumpstart or Deepen your Own Journey of Self-Actualization

New Year, New Newsletter, New Gratitude, New Promise


I started my blog in 2014. Its origin story is rather humble— the blog was created as a way to manage (and, quite frankly) distract me from the disorienting grief of losing my mother.

I had been writing all of my life to a private audience of one. But in the wake of losing my mom, my husband suggested that I might enjoy creating a blog where I could chronicle my process.

Over the years, it has become a professional portal of self-expression and a space to merge my love of writing with my work in the sphere of psychology, wellness, and change.


Anything I have written has come from a desire to share information about the human condition— which I have learned is a lonely place unless it is shared.


I always wanted it to be a resource for people to jumpstart or deepen their own personal journey of self-actualization.

And I’m so appreciative of anyone who finds their way to my tiny slice of the internet. I mean, honestly, what are the odds?

As we turn towards a new year— 2022— I find myself more aware than ever about how I use my voice. It is of the utmost importance to me that my newsletter, website, and social media platforms avoid being noisy for the sake of making noise. I want what you access through my platforms to be useful in your life and a resource that you can turn to when the business of being human proves cumbersome.

But, more importantly, I want my email newsletter to be a community resource where I feature the myriad of psychologists, scientists, writers, podcasters, and many more who are creating and sharing (usually for FREE) amazing knowledge, tools, techniques, and more.


Think of my newsletter as your exclusive portal into many of the strategies my clients have access to because they work directly with me.


It’s become so clear to me over the past several years that we can’t do this alone, and I want to highlight the resources and people who are contributing to meaningful content in the sphere of wellness, personal development, science, and psychology.

With that said, my email newsletter is getting a new year’s make over, and I’d like to invite you to sign-up, if you’ve not already done so.

By signing up for my newsletter, you will get 12 episodes (1 per month/roughly) of my newsletter per year. Each episode will have four categories for you to browse:

On the Blog will continue to feature one of my own articles.
On my Mind will explore something or someone I think has something noteworthy for you to ponder or further explore in your own life.
On my Desk will give a snapshot of what I am reading.
On the Horizon will feature upcoming events, discussions, or other things that are in process. This will be where you can stay up to date on my own book process, podcast, and public speaking events. I’ll also include research or topics that others are doing that I think will be interesting to stay attuned to.

The content in my newsletter will only be available to subscribers.

Finally, for the remainder of 2022, I will place the majority of my writing efforts into my own book, so you will hear less noise from me as I spend more of my time engaged in the solitary practice of writing.

Thanks again for being here.
Stay curious,

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