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This blog is here to serve as your humble companion in your quest for a sense of wellness. In these posts, I’ll share the latest research paired with my psychological insights to help you gain a better understanding of yourself and the world around you. 

I’m here to provide you with a science-backed, no bullshit approach to help you achieve long term growth and change. 

Why is it called The Padded Room? Well, first off, I thought it was funny – a sense of humor goes a long way. And, much like the old concept of placing someone in a padded room for safety, I like to think of this as your virtual safe space to help with the jarring realities of life. Here, you’ll find a soft landing for life’s harshest truths.

Please feel free to explore. You can start with my most recent posts or, just below, you’ll find a list of categories that will allow you to sift through my blog based on your interests. 

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Leadership in Times of Crisis: Reveal your Meaning and Purpose

Leadership in Times of Crisis: Reveal your Meaning and Purpose

I recently had the honor of hosting a second interactive live Zoom chat with my dear friend and colleague Dr. RBF titled, “Leadership in Times of Crisis: Reveal your Meaning and Purpose."     When we were doctoral students in Washington DC, 9/11 occurred. We...

Sustaining Peak Performance During COVID-19

Sustaining Peak Performance During COVID-19

Has the current situation with COVID-19 left you feeling off your game and maybe a bit overwhelmed? As a consultant for the Flow Research Collective, I was recently asked to join my fellow psychologists Drs. Rachel Barbanel-Fried and Brent Hogarth along with Rian...

How to Perform Psychologically in the Face of Fear

How to Perform Psychologically in the Face of Fear

This is game day, good people. This is what we have trained for—though you might not have known it consciously. After all, let’s recall how little of our brain activity is actually conscious; only five percent, a paltry amount. You probably originally found me for...

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