The 5 Secret Ingredients That Influence All High Performers

I got you here because of the title of this essay. Plain and simple. It’s Psychology 101. If I title something in a certain way, you are going to click on the link. And lists, recipes and anything that promises a quick fix are top of the list of most viewed articles...

A Lesson in Magic: A Transformative Trip to Sanoviv

I recently spent a week in Mexico at the functional medicine institute, Sanoviv. I have known about Sanoviv for many years now, as my obsession with finding core origins of suffering and disease has deepened. Let me clarify the use of the word “institute.”  Sanoviv is...

How the Bacteria in Our Gut Influences Our Minds

There has been a growing understanding and exploration by psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians and researchers about the role our gut bacteria plays on our mood—most notably the experience of anxiety.

“The Body Never Lies.”​ Martha Graham

I am the youngest of six.  The caboose.  I was born into the role of observing and watching.  It is uncomfortable for me to be in the spotlight; I prefer to hang in the back and absorb the environment.  But here goes-

Let’s Talk About Inflammation

I want to be clear that this discussion about inflammation and the way to use food as a means to mitigate systemic inflammation is not designed to encourage people to stop your psychiatric medication.

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