In the turbulent times we live in, two qualities—high performance and the psychological stamina to sustain it over time—matter more than ever. This is true for individuals, but it’s especially true for corporations.

The longevity of your organization depends on these two components.

Excellence requires a cultural and mental shift in order to sustain the miles needed to outrun your competitors. To keep your lead, the biggest shift that needs to take place is the mental one.
But changing corporate culture and psychology is like turning a tanker; it requires skill, discipline, precision, and time. This shift includes changing the way we have viewed the role of psychology within the corporate setting.
I have a masters and doctoral degree in clinical psychology. For most of my career, I worked in the intimate trenches of the human condition.
For the last 5+ years, I have been consumed by the study of peak performance, excellence, and how we optimize our vessel to maximize our potential.
This shift in focus, from pathology to performance, brought with it a new and exciting clinical audience.
Currently, my clinical work is almost exclusively with C-suite level executives and other high performing organizations striving for the outer limits of greatness.
Rejiggering corporate culture requires skills that can only be spearheaded by someone who has studied the complexities of the human psyche, understands organizational transformation, and has trained in the science of excellence, grit, and motivation. If you’re looking to truly change the way your team views growth, risk, collaboration, and performance, I’d love to help.

Here’s how we can work together:

Organizational culture is one of the most critical factors in your “success.” And, conversely, toxic and corrosive cultures are the root cause of why so many companies and industries are fraught with failure, dysfunction, and inefficiencies.


In our work together, we will not only dive into your leadership team as individuals, but also as a living, breathing entity, in and of itself. We will get under the hood to understand the depth to which human dynamics influence your team outcomes, goals, and performance, and we will revolutionize the way you think about your team.


When a group is healthy, supple, and cohesive, something truly intoxicating can unfold. Group flow flourishes in this type of environment. When this occurs, the rhythm, pace, and outcome of group processes can be fruitful beyond your wildest imagination.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate retreat, a company-wide training, or annual conference, a keynote address adds impact, bolsters team cohesion, and ignites growth & change.


I have been a featured speaker within Fortune 500 companies, Silicon Valley start-ups, wellness resorts like Canyon Ranch, and more. My most requested keynote topics include:


  • Burnout & Your Metabolic Budget: The Psychological Cost of Stress
  • Bias, Blindspots, & Behavior: The Real Story Behind How Decisions are Made
  • An Inside Job: The Adaptive Unconscious in your Team
  • The Leader’s Guide to Building Healthy & High Performing Teams


I also have a cadre of expert colleagues available as co-hosts, highlighting their fields of expertise, depending on the goals of the keynote.


If you’re interested in achieving the highest levels of performance within your organization, let’s connect and discuss your company's unique needs. Contact me to set up a consultation.