Gabby Reece – The Rebel’s Guide to The Long Game

I “met” Gabby early in the pandemic and had the incredible opportunity to connect with her on multiple podcasts, including her own. So when Chris and I birthed this idea, Gabby was top of my list to invite to our lair.  

This conversation is exactly the way Gabby is- real, authentic, no BS, vulnerable, willing to be imperfect and a masterpiece at the same time. We talk about her journey, what she has learned, aging in the business of performance and beauty and much much more. 

She has been in the game of top performance for more than half of her life and she’s found her way to the top in multiple arenas. I just adore this woman and all her depth, intensity and drive. 

All things Gabby can be found on her website and her own podcast, The Gabby Reece Show for an incredible archive of deeply insightful conversations.

"No one is perfect. We’re all screwy, but we’re all wonderful. We’re not supposed to be perfect, so don’t run from the funk." - Gabby Reece
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