Here’s to Not Wasting Time

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I have tried to engage my blog with respect for the reader, with an emphasis on not wasting your time with more noise. As we head into Q4 of 2021, I am once again in a reflective mood— I’ve been thinking a lot lately about time and how to spend my time. I am reflecting deeply on where I am, where I want to go, and what I have to let go of in order to secure this future I so desire.

For me, my life’s work and my life’s meaning have unfolded concurrently, side by side. And I am just so grateful to have you along for the ride.

I’m also turning 47 this year. If you’re reading this and you’re younger – postcards from the future – this realization is a total mindfuck.

When I was 19, my father became gravely ill. He was on the cusp of turning 56. When I was 23, my mother’s health declined in ways that were brutal and slow. She was 57.

This hit me like a ton of bricks. If I do nothing to change my epigenetic fate, I’ve got – max – a decade left before the grim reaper finds his way to my doorstep. It might be sudden and fatal. It might be slow and sadistic. But he’s coming.


This woke my ass up. It gave a new lens through which I could observe my ten-year plan.


I hope it does for you as well.

What if you didn’t have the time you assume you have left? Who would you call? What apology would you say? Relationships to mend? Conversations to be had? Dreams to chase?

For me, two things surfaced that I wanted to share with all of you-

1) I don’t want to die with my book unwritten in my mind. I know I’ll regret that. So, that’s my top priority for 2022. For the remainder of this year and part of next year, I will be working on my book proposal and shopping for agents. And my blog and social media will reflect this emphasis. I will continue to post blogs and podcasts here as meaningful content arises. But I will also likely have pockets of silence, as I am spending more and more hours in the quiet of my mind birthing my book proposal.

To that end, I have two favors to ask of you, my community:

A) If you have found my blog, podcasts, or social media content helpful in any way in your life, PLEASE pass it on! We run a lean machine over here and most of my marketing comes from word of mouth. Please continue to be that mouthpiece for me. I want to continue to grow my mailing list, as it is the only slice of the internet that I can actually control. And, I am going to need it when I hit the streets with my book proposal in early 2022!

B) If you are a book agent or you know an agent in the non-fiction/psychology realm of the publishing world, please contact me directly. I’m going to attack the book proposal project from all angles and I am not above asking for help. Thank you so much.#bookproposal2022 #aninsidejob


2) My team and I are going to try out new and different ways of using my social media platforms too. Something feels stale to me, and I’m using this as an opportunity to color outside the lines in ALL areas of my career. So, stay tuned for more exciting changes and additions to my work both here on the blog and on my social media platforms.

Here’s to not wasting time.

I’m rooting for you. Stay curious. And stay connected.

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