Your corporate culture determines your potential for sustained peak performance.


Performance consulting is an exciting frontier combining neurobiology, psychology, and the eastern practices of mindfulness and meditation to access team and individual peak performance.

In this approach, different from therapy, we will work together to create a culture of corporate wellness that leverages the current neuroscience on creativity and “flow” states to help you identify and target areas of team cohesion and moral, time management, and creative and collaborative problem solving. I work with individuals and groups within corporate and organizational settings on specific targeted areas of enhancement, as a way to bolster productivity and your bottom line.

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In addition to my private consulting practice, I am a performance consultant with The Flow Research Collective (FRC) founded by Steven Kotler. I am also a featured writer for the FRC’s monthly newsletter, which explores the outer reaches of human excellence.

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Posts on Performance

How to Perform Psychologically in the Face of Fear

How to Perform Psychologically in the Face of Fear

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The Buck Stops Here: The Power of No

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