Individual and Couples Therapy

I provide individuals and couples work to people who are interested in exploring how and why they feel, think, and behave in certain prescribed patterns.  Together we will create a partnership through which we will have an opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings, both past and present, allowing you to rethink old patterns, rework old solutions and find a more meaningful and empowered sense of self. 
We will create a space for you to begin to explore and listen to your body and what it is communicating to you with a new set of emotional skills.  This approach will enhance your ability to manage your feelings and observe your experiences in an entirely different manner.
I accept all major health insurance plans in Hawaii, including HMSA, UHA, and HMAA.  I am also available for out of pocket (OOP) consultations and would be happy to discuss a sliding scale fee. An initial intake session generally runs 60-75 minutes.  Subsequent therapy sessions usually run 45-55 minutes depending on your emotional needs.

performance consultant

What’s performance consulting? This is an exciting frontier combining neuro-biology, psychology, and the eastern practices of mindfulness and meditation to access team and individual peak performance. In this approach, different from therapy, we will work together to create a culture of corporate wellness that leverages the current neuroscience on creativity and “flow” states to help you identify and target areas of team cohesion and moral, time management, and creative and collaborative problem solving. I work with individuals and groups within corporate and organizational settings on specific targeted areas of enhancement, as a way to bolster productivity and your bottom line.

Call me to explore how we might better optimize your corporate culture. Your corporate culture determines your potential for sustained peak performance.

There is no insurance coverage for this service. All services are Out of Pocket (OOP).

If you want a more detailed distinction between performance consulting and traditional therapy click here.


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