Steven Kotler – The Punk Rock Poet

This episode was very special for us. This is a conversation between friends, fellow explorers of the mind and misfits. There are people in your life for whom you owe a debt of gratitude to that you can never really be put into words– this is the role Steven has played in our lives. 

We love his authenticity, his sweetness, his kind and observant soul and, of course, his wildly feral and mischievous side too!

We hope you will enjoy this very special conversation between friends.

This is for anyone who is listening and has the delusional belief that the wildly successful people you admire had it easy and therefore, you’re somehow doing it wrong. You aren’t, we assure you. Keep going. Eyes on the Horizon.

"I decided that stories were going to be my edge. It was a commitment to adventure. When in doubt, say yes." - Steven Kotler
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