Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah Sarkis

I’m a licensed psychologist by training, a certified executive leadership coach by practice, and the Senior Director of Performance Psychology at Exos. I also moonlight as a writer and speaker.
As a clinical psychologist, I learned and studied about psychological pathology: what happens when shit goes wrong. And believe me, a lot can go wrong.
In the decades I trained as a psychologist, I never had a class on happiness, contentment, or the science of wellness. I learned how to understand suffering, how to diagnose it, and how to sit with it. These are valuable skills, and I am so grateful to have this foundation.
But the truth is, I was tired of the emphasis on suffering and on pathology. I felt restless and confined by those constraints. So, I went rogue.

I started with these questions:

It turns out, feeling well is its own destination.

Thriving is distinct from surviving.

It requires its own process and, most importantly, mindset. It requires dismantling old patterns (always unconscious) and re-building a very different relationship with suffering, failure, risk, and yes, success too.
This shift in focus changed my life in ways I could not have imagined.
I began to collaborate with CEOs, executives, professional athletes, coaches, and teams with moonshot dreams on the psychological game of greatness.
I’m indebted to these people. The journey to understand, unravel, and optimize our minds has been the true joy of my professional career.

From this journey I have emerged a hybrid— part shrink, part performance consultant, part Jedi of the unconscious.

Areas of Expertise


If this work is something that calls to you, let’s connect. I’m available for individual, team, and organizational collaboration. You can view more of my specific services on the Work with Me pages.


I received my MA from Boston College where I studied Counseling Psychology. I then began my doctoral training at George Washington University with an emphasis on Adult Psychotherapy from a psychoanalytic perspective.

Upon completion of my doctoral studies, I completed my internship and post-doctoral fellowship training at two inpatient psychiatric hospitals in the Boston area. There, I worked with people who were suffering from the most severe and retractable forms of mental illness.

Those experiences taught me the deep and enduring value of comprehensive and collaborative care from a multi-disciplinary perspective. I carry those lessons with me to my current work in my private practice, where I emphasize and utilize my partnerships with physicians, naturopaths, and functional medicine doctors and nutritionists to provide the best standard of care.

In addition to my psychology training, I’ve studied extensively the use of mindfulness, functional medicine, hormones, and how food, medicine, and mood are interconnected.

My influences include Dr.’s Hyman, Benson, Kabat-Zinn, Maté, Gervais, and Gordon, as well as Tara Brach, Brené Brown, Irvin Yalom, Howard Stern, Steven Kotler, and Bruce Springsteen, to name only a few.


Dr. Sarah Sarkis is based in Boston.

Therapy Areas Covered

Massachusetts residents.

Performance Consulting

Available internationally.
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