In late 2021, I was contacted by Namish of the 5AM Hustle Podcast and I was immediately struck by how young, focused, and articulate he was.

I can assure you when I was a college Freshman, I was not doing anything as remotely useful as this.

We had a great conversation about turning struggle into fuel, behavioral economics, problem solving when we are overwhelmed, and my early days in forensic psychology.

I’m encouraged and hopeful for this younger generation who have lived their informative years under the historical pressure of a pandemic and a chaotic political time, both abroad and domestically.

I really enjoyed this conversation and was flattered by the opportunity to connect with Namish on The 5AM Hustle Podcast.

You can listen to the full episode here. 

5am Hustle Podcast Dr. Sarah Sarkis

I hope you will enjoy it, and please, if you feel so inspired, pass it on.

Stay curious,

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