Forty Stories Podcast Edition

I was recently on Forties Stories Podcast with Christy Maguire talking about aging, how being a Hoya (97') changed my life, and how stillness transformed me in ways that movement never did (and much more). I hope you'll have a listen and enjoy the conversation. Please...

“I Just Want to Feel Fucking Better!” – MILF Podcast Episode

I was recently a guest on Jennifer Tracy’s amazing podcast, MILF. If you haven’t checked it out before, please do yourself a favor. Jennifer is a wide open, curious, intelligent woman engaging women on all the various aspects of embodying the feminine power. Please...

Podcast Guest: The Family Brain

I had the pleasure of talking with Megan Gipson, LCSW of The Family Brain Podcast where we discussed neurobiology, brain development, birth order, positive psychology, and many other topics.

Podcast Guest: Not Another Anxiety Show

This weeks installment from The Padded Room comes in the form of a podcast appearance on Not Another Anxiety Show.  On this episode Kelli and I explore the role of fear in our psychological and emotional worlds. Additionally, we cover mindfulness, meditation, TM, therapy, and a host of other interesting and compelling topics that will help you think about your feelings through a new and different lens.

To enjoy this episode please click on the link below and look for episode #141.

Not Another Anxiety Show: Episode 141-Fear: A Master of Disguise

Podcast: Not Another Anxiety Show/Deconstructing Anxiety

This months installment comes in the form of a podcast I did with Kelli Walker for her series, Not Another Anxiety Show. On this episode we “got deep under the hood” of my previous post about Deconstructing Anxiety. Please have a listen (click episode #102)  and see what you think and feel about our discussion.  There’s a lot of content to get your head around and start to better understand your own anxious process.  And, as always, please pass it on if the spirit moves you. I rely on word of mouth and social media to grow my audience, so your gesture of support is much appreciated.

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